Mastering Your Soccer Tryouts: Preparation and Expectations

If you have aspirations to play competitive or elite soccer, you’ll need to tryout. Preparing for tryouts is key to your physical and mental performance. While all team’s criteria are different, coaches typically assess players through a series of drills and scrimmages. To guide you through this crucial process, we’ve compiled an overview of preparations and expectations for soccer tryouts. Here’s how to gear up and what to anticipate.


How to Prepare for Soccer Tryouts

Whether it’s your first or tenth time trying out for the soccer team, it’s important to be prepared and ready! Here are the three main ways to prepare for your upcoming tryout:


  1. Practice

The more you practice, the better you will perform at the tryout. This includes being in peak physical and mental shape. You’ve probably been playing soccer for years, but preparing for a tryout requires weeks or ideally, months of intense practice and preparation. Consistent, intensive practice leading up to tryouts is crucial for peak performance. Your tryout practice should include physical conditioning, technical skills, mental preparation, and scrimmages if possible.


  1. Confidence

Your athletic ability on the soccer field is a combination of practice, talent, and determination. However, having confidence and a good attitude is just as important. Coaches are watching for positive body language. If you make a mistake, it’s important to shake it off, keep your head up and focus. Confidence is built over time, so nurture it throughout your preparation and play.


  1. Soccer Gear

Make sure you have the right gear packed and ready for your tryout. This includes shin guards, socks, cleats, ball, and water bottle. You might sweat more during tryouts so bringing spare socks, shorts, an extra water bottle, and a shirt is a good idea. Also, try not to wear brand new cleats during a tryout. If they are newer, practice in them prior to your tryout to make sure they are broken in. If you need extra gear, visit your local European Sports or shop online.


What to Expect at Soccer Tryouts

Tryouts might last a few hours or a few days. Check with the team to find out the schedule to make sure you know the time commitment. Every team runs their tryouts slightly different, however, most will include:


  1. Drills

Tryouts often include drills so that coaches can assess your technical abilities such as passing and dribbling. They may also include 1V1 to determine how fast you think, how quickly you move, how well you control the ball, and more. Drills and 1V1 can really showcase your strengths so that coaches can see what value you would bring to their team. In addition, your ability and endurance on the field is extremely important. There is a lot of running in soccer and coaches need to see that you aren’t out of breath after a few minutes.


  1. Scrimmages

Scrimmages are the ultimate test in tryouts. They will reveal your physical fitness, how you manage yourself on the field, and your overall abilities. The top players will shine by showcasing all of their skills, work ethic, and teamwork. Focus on playing your best rather than flashy moves to impress the coaches.


As you prepare for soccer tryouts, remember to stay positive, confident, and be determined. With the right preparation and mindset, you’ll be poised to showcase your talent. On behalf of everyone at European Sports, we wish you the best of luck! For all your soccer gear needs, stop by one of our soccer specialty stores located in Schaumburg, Glen Ellyn, and Naperville or shop online to gear up and dominate the field.