Kwik Goal Heavy Duty Anchor Bag

Sale price$85.00


The Heavy-Duty Anchor bag is our all-surface friendly anchoring system that is uniquely designed to anchor a soccer goal to any surface. Simply pour sand (not included) into both halves of this anchor bag and then place it on the base frame of the goal (the handle of this bag should rest on the frame while each half drapes over either side of the frame). For optimum counterbalance, these anchor bags should be placed in the back corners of the frame. A key feature of the 10B7011 is the amount of space between the handle and edges of the bag – this space allows the net to be properly clipped into the frame without sacrificing any security the anchor bags are intended to provide. *Please note each 10B7011 holds up to 40 lbs. of sand Kwik Goal recommends six (6) of the 10B7011 Heavy-Duty Anchor Bags for proper anchoring of one full-sized Kwik Goal soccer goal.

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