What Savvy Soccer Moms Keep in Their Kids' Soccer Bags

Tired of finding out after you get to the game that your child forgot their water bottle or is missing a shin guard? Check out our list of soccer bag essentials along with tips to help your child keep track of their gear and keep their bag organized.

Every soccer player needs a bag to for their gear. Plan ahead and keep it well stocked so that no one misses a minute of the game. Here is a great list of soccer bag essentials along with a few tips about how to pack items so your child's bag stays organized.

Soccer Bag Essentials:

Required gear - Soccer cleats and shin guards are essential since your child won't be allowed to play without them. They should also have a soccer ball which they'll need for warm-ups and practice. Be sure you have the right size ball.

Uniform - Players usually are told which uniform they should wear to the game, but I recommend bring the 2nd jersey in case they need to change colors at the field. Pack it in a Ziplock bag so it stays clean.

Water bottle - Don't count on players being able to fill up their bottle at the field. If it's hot, you might send two.

Extra socks - If your child is playing more than one game in a day, they'll want a dry pair of socks for each game.

Sunscreen & bug spray - These can either be separate items or there are products available that combine the two. Whichever you choose, put the items in a Ziplock bag so you don't have to worry about leaks. I also like to include a sunscreen stick that makes it easy for kids to apply to their faces.

Change of clothes - After a hard-fought game in the hot sun or a cold rain, nothing feels better than peeling off a wet jersey and putting on a fresh, dry shirt. Depending on the season, you may include jacket, pants, hat, and gloves.

Non-perishable snacks - Kids expend a lot of energy during a game, so they need to refuel afterwards. Having some nutritious options on hand is a good solution. Avoid anything that could melt or get easily smashed. Good options include things like granola bars, protein bars or freeze-dried fruits.

Plastic bags for dirty clothes & cleats - After a game, your child can put their dirty uniform and cleats in the bags which will help keep the rest of the soccer bag clean. This is a great way to reuse plastic grocery bags.

Fabric softener sheets or odor packs - Toss a fabric softener sheet into your child's backpack and replace as needed. That simple step will go a long way towards reducing the odor that all soccer bags accumulate over time.

Pre-wrap or ankle tape - This is an especially good idea if your child is recovering from an injury.

Bonus Tips -

  • Try to encourage your child to designate compartments within their bag for specific items so they'll be easier to find.

  • Before leaving the house for a game, have your child double check their bag to make sure they have their cleats, shin guards, socks, and uniform.

  • Be sure to remind your child to return items to their bag immediately after use to avoid losing anything.

By helping your child keep their bag organized, it'll be easier for them to keep track of their gear, which makes one less thing you have to worry about.



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