Simple Tips for Successful Youth Soccer Uniform Ordering

It's time to place uniform orders for youth soccer. Here are tips to be sure you get the right size and fit for your young player.

Soccer season is around the corner and that means it's probably time to order your kid's soccer uniform. We put together a few quick tips to help ensure that you order the right size and fit for your youth player.

Know the Club's Uniform Cycle

Most soccer clubs have a two-year cycles for uniform ordering. Manufacturers, such as Adidas and Nike, update and discontinue styles on a similar timeline, so this ensures we can keep your club looking as uniform as possible. Where you are in the cycle makes a difference. If it's the first year of a uniform cycle, you may want to order something a little bigger to allow room for your child to grow. If it's the last year of a uniform cycle, you won't need as much room for growth.

Soccer Jersey Fit

While jerseys for some American sports can be loose to the point of looking baggy, soccer jerseys are more fitted. There are two reasons why fitted is preferred. First, a tighter fit is considered more aerodynamic, with less extra material to create wind resistance or drag when running. The other benefit is that it's more difficult for the opposition to grab and pull on a fitted jersey. The slimmer fit of soccer jerseys leads many people to believe they run small, but most manufactures run true to size, although there can be exceptions depending on the brand and other factors.

Personal preference is an important consideration. Find out if your player prefers a loose or snug fit and if they plan to wear a layer underneath the jersey.


Understand the Difference Between Mens, Unisex, Women's and Youth Sizing

The Difference Between Sizes for Men/Unisex and Women's Jerseys

Men's/Unisex jerseys tend to be longer in the body and sleeves when compared to jerseys for women. Women's jerseys tend to be more tapered through the body, while the short legs tend to be shorter with more room through thigh

Youth versus Adult Sizing

For each item you order, pay attention to whether you are ordering a youth- or adult-size. There may be a year or two when you're ordering some of each. If you get your “Y's” and “A's” confused, your player may find themselves with a uniform that's way too big or too small, and not enough time to replace it before the season starts

Shorts Length & Size

With the exception of the goalkeeper, every soccer player on the field must wear shorts. Soccer shorts are usually designed to be lighter than other kinds of athletic shorts. They are also made with moisture wicking material, so they dry quickly and are more comfortable to wear in the heat. Lengths may vary from style to style, so the best way to find the right size for soccer shorts is to go by waist measurements. Please note, soccer shorts do not necessarily get longer as sizing increases

Sizing Socks

The importance of socks is often overlooked. Soccer socks should have a comfortable feel and a snug fit with room to stretch. Sock sizes are most commonly offered in three sizes and correlate to the player's shoe size. If you wear a size 10 shoe, you will want to choose socks with the size range including size 10. It's important to note that the sizing is based on Unisex/Men's shoe sizes. Adult Socks are typically men's Size 8 and above and will accommodate a size 10 foot.

Try on Samples for Best Fit

The best way to ensure you have the right size and fit is to try it on. We work with our club partners to make samples available at our European Sports locations. Some newer items may not be available due to release timelines, so call or check our website first. If samples are not available or you’re unable to come in, please refer to the sizing guides and sizing charts provided by our brands. A European Sports team member can also work with you to be sure you get the size you need.

European Sports offers sizing guides for each of our club partners, including club-specific information about:

  1. Mandatory player kit items

  2. Brand sizing charts

  3. Size comparison images.

Order Early

The best way to avoid any delays is to place your uniform order as soon as possible. Don't wait.



At European Sports, we want to help your youth player start the season right. Stop by one of our soccer specialty stores located in Schaumburg, Glen Ellyn and Naperville. We are a family-owned business and our goal is to make soccer fun and affordable for your family.

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