Reusch Attrakt Freegel™ Fusion Ortho-Tec ® Goaliator Goalkeeper Glove

Size: 7
Sale price$220.00


REUSCH GRIP FUSION foam is foam sprinkled with hard ground and soft ground foam for greater grip and durability. The first-choice latex of Lloris provides unmatched grip and high abrasion resistance for all weather conditions and pitch surfaces.

REMOVABLE ORTHO-TEC® This finger protection system with five individually removable protection spines reduces the risk of hyper-extension while keeping the glove soft and flexible. A stretchable opening on the backhand of the glove allows a quick and individual removal of each spine.

STRETCHABLE NEOPRENE ENTRY POCKET Allows for quick, easy removal of Ortho-Tec® stays. Eliminates rigid zippers on the backhand of the glove.

EVOLUTION NEGATIVE CUT The latex is rolled around the fingertips for a tight fit, best ball control and maximized contact area. An inner-seam construction in the lower fingers offers a tight, soft, flexible and ergonomic fit.

FREEGEL™ punching zone made of silicone-like material makes the backhand highly flexible without reducing stability or control. This new design has single non-connected elements of Freegel™, allowing better flexibility across the backhand.

ERGONOMIC EXTRA PALM EMBOSSING Embossing that follows the natural lines of the hand for optimal glove flexibility.

DURAGUARD™ Latex palm patch on the lower palm offers extra abrasion resistance and longer wear.


STEADY CUFF In order to stabilize the wrist, provide the highest possible wearing comfort and create a smooth look, we extended the neoprene backhand all the way to the opening and merged it with a highly elastic textile on the inner wrist side.

PULL LOOP SYSTEM™ for ease of entry.

NEOPRENE STRAP With rubber ender. Allows very precise fastening

BACKHAND SIDE WRAP™ extends backhand material around side of the palm for extra catching surface.

ROLLED THUMB™ The palm latex is extended around the inner side of thumb

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